We offer a range of cancer treatments, including advanced therapies and clinical trials. Cancer services include support that brings comfort and peace of mind.​

The Cancer Network of West Michigan offers comprehensive cancer services and a seamless care experience. You receive treatments from organizations you already know and trust, including Trinity Health and Metro Health. We also collaborate with University of Michigan Health, so you receive services reflecting some of the area’s most esteemed cancer specialists.

Whether it’s advanced testing or innovative treatments, our specialists help you access the cancer services that are best for your needs. Offerings include national clinical trials, some of which are not widely available, and support services. It’s all part of our aim to provide our community with outstanding care close to home.

Cancer Network of West Michigan: Why Choose Us?

You receive services from board-certified cancer specialists who stay current on the latest advances in cancer care. Many of our doctors have completed additional training through fellowships in cancer surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology. Our combined expertise enables us to care for patients with rare and complex cancers. Read more about the types of cancer we treat.

Highlights of our cancer services include:

  • Coordination: Our experts are in regular communication and participate in meetings called tumor boards. These efforts enable us to carefully plan therapies for complex cases. Working together also minimizes the need for you to travel far or outside the community for cancer treatment.
  • Innovative therapies: Our facilities have a long-standing history of advancing cancer care through research. You may be eligible to participate in these efforts through clinical trials. Doing so gives you access to new therapies, sometimes years before they become standard treatments. Get more information about cancer clinical trials.
  • Easy access: There are many ways to access our experts. Cancer treatments are available in three locations throughout the region. For select services, you may also have the option of a virtual visit. If you need to reach us between appointments, you can call us or send us a message through our secure patient portal.

We offer a broad range of treatments, including options you might not expect to find in community settings, such as ours. Our commitment to high-quality care has earned some of our facilities national recognition.

Cancer treatments we offer include:

  • Medical oncology: We use chemotherapy and other substances to slow cancer cell growth. Options also include immunotherapy, which trains the immune system to fight cancer. Some of our locations are Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) certified practices. This designation represents our commitment to high care standards.
  • Radiation oncology: This treatment uses radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells. Cancer Network specialists use advanced technologies and research-based methods to deliver focused care. These efforts minimize damage to healthy cells. of our programs are accredited by the American College of Radiology.
  • Surgery: Our surgeons use leading techniques to deliver care that’s gentler on your body. We consistently achieve excellent outcomes for rare and difficult-to-treat cancers. Some of our facilities maintain prestigious Commission on Cancer accreditation from the American College of Surgeons.

The Cancer Network’s comprehensive approach to care includes more of the services you need, including:

  • Screenings and evaluations: We offer a full range of cancer screenings, including mammograms for breast cancer and colonoscopies for colon cancer. These tests help us detect cancer in earlier stages when treatment may be more successful. Your care starts with a comprehensive evaluation, which may include sophisticated imaging studies, when necessary.
  • Genetic testing: If there is a family history of cancer, testing enables you to learn more about your risk. If you already have a cancer diagnosis, this information guides treatment decisions. Cancer geneticists and genetic counselors use this information to provide personalized .
  • High-risk clinic: We monitor people who are more likely to experience cancer. You may benefit from this clinic if you have a family history of certain inherited cancers. Experts use imaging and other tests to check for early signs of cancer so you can receive timely treatment.
  • Support: A dedicated team makes it easier to cope with unexpected challenges. Cancer dietitians maximize your nutrient intake. Social workers address issues like transportation that can get in the way of your care. These are some of the many services we offer that bring comfort and peace of mind.

Cancer Network services are available at several locations across West Michigan. Each facility represents the full strength, compassion and expertise we have to offer. Our integrated approach makes it easier to receive care where you’re most comfortable — near home and loved ones.