Gynecologic cancers affect female reproductive organs and require specialized care. The Cancer Network of West Michigan is putting these services within reach, right in our community.

We are one of the only programs in the region whose team includes gynecologic cancer doctors (gynecologic oncologists). You also benefit from the combined expertise of cancer specialists from Mercy Health and University of Michigan Health-West. These capabilities are giving more women hope for healing.

What Is Gynecologic Cancer?

Gynecologic cancer includes many diseases of the female reproductive organs and occurs when abnormal cells multiply in a woman’s:

  • Uterus, as well as the endometrium or inner lining of the uterus
  • Cervix, the lower part of the uterus
  • Ovaries, glands that produce hormones as well as eggs 
  • Vagina, muscular canal connecting the cervix to an external opening
  • Vulva, external genitalia

Gynecologic Cancer Treatment Through the Cancer Network: Why Choose Us?

You benefit from the combined expertise of organizations with reputations for exceptional cancer services. Mercy Health and University of Michigan Health-West have been serving our community since the 1980s. Working alongside University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center, one of the nation’s top programs, we now deliver the region’s highest level of cancer care. 

Gynecologic Oncology
Courtney Anderson
Gynecologic Oncology
Andrea Buras
Gynecologic Oncology
Kevin Brader
Gynecologic Oncology
Margaret Whicker
Gynecologic Oncology
Kristin Witte

Cancer Network services are available at several locations across West Michigan. Each facility represents the full strength, compassion and expertise we have to offer. Our integrated approach makes it easier to receive care where you’re most comfortable — near home and loved ones. 

Trinity Health Lacks Cancer Center
250 Cherry Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
University of Michigan Health-West Cancer Center
5950 Metro Way
Wyoming, MI 49519

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