The Cancer Network is making it easier to receive comprehensive care locally. Cancer specialists work together to tailor therapies to your needs.

The Cancer Network of West Michigan is elevating the level of care available in our region. Trinity Health and University of Michigan Health-West have been trusted names in local cancer care for decades. University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center is among the nation’s leading cancer programs. Working together extends the reach of our expertise, so you receive comprehensive care close to home.

Cancer Network of West Michigan: Why Choose Us?

You can take comfort in knowing we hold ourselves to the highest care standards. Our commitment to high-quality care has earned recognition from the:

  • American College of Radiology
  • American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology

Cancer treatment is often complex and many patients take comfort in receiving care locally. When you come to the Cancer Network, you can do just that. You benefit from:

  • Excellence: Our team uses the same research-based care methods as larger institutions. We also offer advanced treatments you might not expect to find close to home.
  • Personalized therapies: We take time to get to know you as an individual. This makes it easier to tailor services to your preferences and medical needs.
  • Convenience: Instead of traveling far for appointments, you spend more time at home with loved ones.
  • Timely services: If you experience side effects, we can help you get relief sooner.

The Cancer Network offers the same services that have historically been available in West Michigan. These include radiation oncology, medical oncology, cancer surgery and support services.

Cancer specialists from the Cancer Network collaborate in meetings called tumor boards. These discussions help us determine the best course of care for complex cases. We are also making it easier to receive advanced services, including leading-edge cancer clinical trials, locally in West Michigan.

Changes are minimal in the short term. You continue seeing cancer specialists at your preferred location. If you might benefit from a service only available in a specific location, we may recommend receiving part of your care at that facility. We coordinate all the details so you can focus on feeling better.

The Cancer Network helps more people receive the cancer care they need without leaving West Michigan. On rare occasions, we may recommend an advanced treatment, like a liver transplant, that’s only available at University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Trinity Health and Metro Health – University of Michigan Health have relationships with many of the same insurance providers and accept a broad range of insurance plans. Learn more about insurance coverage and financial services at: